• Building personal resilience.
  • Mastering stressful situations with a serene mind and a relaxed body.
  • Managing your stress level so that you maintain overall balance and can perform with ease.

The StressReset online courses

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What StressReset skills will you acquire?

  • You will learn how to balance all areas of your life with serenity.
  • The relaxation skills you acquire will enable you to manage stressful situations successfully.
  • Through stress management with Neuroimagination® you will be able to manage challenges with ease.
  • You will practice taking the first steps to implement your personal goals of developing stress resilience.
  • You will understand the human stress system and how to apply this knowledge to your daily stress management.

What is in the StressReset course?

  • In a group setting, 3 x 2 hours within a time interval of two to three weeks
  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching for each participant for further individual development
  • Access to the StressReset Toolbox
  • Videos
  • Neuroimagination® Audio Tracks
  • StressReset instructions and exercises
  • Detailed course handouts with bonus material


Kurt Specht

Kurt Specht

Neurosystemic coaching, Team development, Firewalking
languages: DE, FR, EN
+41 76 264 12 87
Kurt Specht

Vera Ködderitzsch

Neuroimagination-Coach®, thyroid gland coaching
languages: DE, EN
+41 78 755 52 61

Gil Monroy

Neuroimagination-Coach® & HR Business Partner
languages: DE, EN
+41 76 366 67 69
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