My coaching offer is based on my life experiences and the talents and gifts that distinguish me. Here are the most important ones, which are used in my coaching sessions.
  • Goal orientation, accuracy and continuity. The achievement of concrete goals is important to me for your success.
  • Patience, sensitivity and active listening. In the Process of reflection your possibilities open up.
  • Organizational talent with 25 years of project management experience. Step by step we plan the implementation of your goals together.
  • My personal experience has taught me that unconscious imprints can undermine the strongest will. The emotions involved prevent the achievement of goals. By creating new neuronal connections a cooperation between your will and your emotions becomes possible.
  • Life always exposes us to areas of tension. A tense arc gives us the power to change. Using this power leads you efficiently to your goal.
  • We create more in pairs or as a team than alone. Accepting the differences and integrating the uniqueness of the team members increases the range of your possibilities.


A few years ago I inevitably became aware that I was stagnating at work and as a father and husband I could not be who I would have liked to be. And at the same time I had a presentiment of how much more I had to give to enrich the world. Thereupon I started to search for myself through yoga, FengShui (9 Ki), (family) constellations, firewalking, vision quest, stick fencing, men's seminars, body psychotherapy, Haka etc. Each of these activities has given me a new insight into myself, changed me a little or sometimes more, and connected me with my feelings and emotions in a pleasant and also painful way. But the big breakthrough did not happen!
My subconscious patterns and above all the conviction " I can do this alone " stood in my way. Despite my still strong will, I did not really make progress. I was still the project manager I had always been - certainly a professional, but dissatisfied and often bored. My initiatives to develop professionally failed again and again due to the lack of concrete implementation.
Only when I let a neuro-systemic coach accompany me on my way, change happened concretely and in a very short time. Now my development was no longer limited to single insights either on the mental (mind) or the emotional (body/feeling) level. Through my understanding and the acquired self-control of the neuro-biological processes, I can now reconcile the subconscious processes of my brain with my feelings in such a way that they support my will.
Thus I have an effective and efficient tool to realize my professional and private goals. It allows me to continue to change and realign my life. If you feel the inner willingness to take your life into your own hands now, please contact me.


  • Neurosystemic Coaching, Firewalking Coach
  • 25+ years professional experience as project manager
  • in companies of various sizes - from SMBs to international enterprises
  • on most continents of the world
  • as internal project manager, partner of a service company and consultant
  • My education and advanced trainings
  • Coaching : Neuro-systemic Coaching with the method Neuroimagination®, DBVC certified
  • Project management: Project Management Professional (PMP), Risk Management, Agile Scrum, Hermes, Six Sigma etc.
  • Alternative organisation models and approach: Holacracy, Sociocracy 3.0, OpenBook Management
  • Teambuilding : certified Firewalking Coach & Trainer, stick fencing
  • Personal development: Yoga, Vision Quests, and the like ...