Analyse your resilience: fast and anonymous. Answer the following seven questions to better understand your stress level.

Are you experiencing signs of stress? Are you having trouble recovering from an illness or an accident? Have you noticed that you are not performing as well as you used to, that your error rate is increasing while your work pace is slowing down?
Some people function for a long time without noticing that the pressure has become too great and collapse is imminent. The seven questions below help identify the danger of Burnout.


Do you sleep poorly?

(difficult to fall asleep, choppy sleep, waking up too early)

Does your body show any physical problems?

(muscle / cervical tension, pain such as stomach or headaches, nausea, circulatory problems, hair loss, skin problems, etc.)

Is your ability to concentrate impaired?

Are you emotionally unstable

(irritable, apathetic, moody)

Do you sense that your ability to think, remember and memorize has diminished?

(frequent forgetfulness, difficulty thinking and coping, etc.)

Do you find it difficult to relax?

Are your thoughts running in circles and do you find it hard to switch off?


The results will give you an indication of your stress level: green, green / yellow, yellow or red.

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